Sexual Health

Cellphone Use

Cellphone use has some risks associated with varicocele and infertility.  Everyone uses cellphones, but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Many scientific publications say that it likely has moderate negative effects on fertility and varicocele.Note that the overall impact is moderate. Two factors to consider:RadiationHeatGenerally, management related, a few things come to…

Proper Pants

Now I know the odds are that no one told you, but tight-fitting pants are bad because they constrict natural blood circulation and put unnecessary pressure on your body. Ideally, you should wear breathable and well-fitted pants. Your pants should not be tight around your hips or waist. They should…

Choosing the Right Underwear

Proper Underwear Proper underwear can be a great therapeutic tool for both pain relief and long-term healing. Bellow, I summarize the properties of therapeutic underwear.Breathes Well: Pretty self-explanatory, but critically important. If the underwear breathes well, it is good. If not, then do not wear it. Both fabric type and thickness…
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