Choosing the Right Underwear

Proper Underwear Proper underwear can be a great therapeutic tool for both pain relief and long-term healing. Bellow, I summarize the properties of therapeutic underwear.Breathes Well: Pretty self-explanatory, but critically important. If the underwear breathes well, it is good. If not, then do not wear it. Both fabric type and thickness…

Fertility & Sexual Health – Healthy Weight

Surprisingly, as body mass index (BMI) increases, varicocele grade and severity decreases. That means that overweight and obese individuals have lower incidence of varicocele and less severe symptoms. It is thought that this is the case because abdominal fat helps cushion and lesson the severity of the nutcracker effect.I obviously…

Fertility & Sexuality – Stress Management

Stress can have a huge negative global impact on the body. Relevant to varicocele, it can impair healthy blood flow, reduce the effectiveness of digestion and bowel movements, and has a direct negative impact on fertility.Stress impairs healthy blood flow because it reduces the amount of nutrients in the blood,…

Fertility & Sexual Health

More than one in four people with varicocele experience fertility problems. That is about 2-4% of the population! The main parameters used for assessing fertility are sperm count, volume, morphology, and motility, as well as sperm DNA damage and testicular volume. Varicocele can negatively affect all these parameters.Varicocele can also…

Yoga for Varicocele and Infertiltiy (Poses, Breathing Techniques, Locks, Gestures, and Meditation)

Best Yoga Asanas (Poses) for Varicocele Bridge Pose (Setu Sarvangasana) Bridge Pose is a supine yoga pose that primarily targets the hips and torso. It is also an inversion pose.Pose Benefits:Improves testicular blood circulationHelps allevaite hip flexor tightness and impingementHelps improve postureIs good for bowel and digestive health Legs Up…
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