Venous Health

Healing – Venous Tone

Veins have muscular and supportive tissue that surround them and aid in contraction, dilation, and venous emptying. Improving the muscle and tissue tone of the veins is therefore critical for healing, reducing the diameter of the blood vessels, and making them more resilient to pressure. Cooling for Venous Tone Cooling…

Healing – Reduce Blood Toxicity

High blood toxicity increases the damage to your veins and testicles and impairs healing. To reduce blood toxicity, you need to perform both dietary and lifestyle changes, for example, limit consumption of food that is highly processed, high in processed sugars, and that is highly acidic, make your diet less…

Healing – Alleviate Varicocele Induced Damage & Stress

Varicocele is blood pooling and causes damage in 4 ways:Toxic blood poolingImpaired blood circulationTesticular overheatingLocally induced chronic inflammation Toxic Blood Pooling Improve blood quality:Varaco Health Kit IVaraco Health Kit IIAntioxidant dietLifestyle modification to reduce toxicity:Cigarette smoking cessationStop drinking alcoholReduce coffee consumptionImprove your diet quality Impaired Blood Circulation Improve testicular blood…

Fertility & Sexual Health – Alleviate Varicocele Induced Damage & Stress

CoolSperm density decreases by 40% for each degree Celsius increase of average daily scrotal temperatures. In fact, testicle temperatures above 36.5°C/98°F completely halt sperm production.Varicocele damages the counter current heat exchange mechanism of the pampiniform plexus. This means chronically elevated testicular temperature, leading to damaged testicles and impaired fertility.To improve…

Fitness & Exercises – Cardiovascular Health

Examples Include: Jogging, swimming, elliptical, etc.Cardiovascular activity is important because it improves vein contractility, tone, and health. Furthermore, cardiovascular activity helps normalize blood pressure, and reduce resting blood pressure and heart rate.Some people make the mistake of strengthening and building only their muscles, without developing the foundation—their cardiovascular health. This…
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