Supported Shoulder Stand

Supported shoulder stand is a yoga inversion pose. In this pose, you lay on your back and raise up the legs, hips, and torso vertically. Start Now While lying on the floor with your hands at your sides, slowly tuck both knees in toward your chest.Continue to roll your weight onto…

Standing Forward Bend

Standing forward bend is both a stretch and inversion exercise. It is a healthy and functional stretch and can be performed regularly.  Start Now Start by standing with your legs about hip-width apart.Keep a small bend in your knees.Now, simply bend forward.Relax and allow your body to naturally release with…

Legs up the Wall

The legs up the wall pose is an inversion pose. It is particularly good because it can be performed almost anywhere and is easy to hold for long durations. Start Now Start by sitting with your left or right side next to the wall.Turn towards the wall, lie on your…

Yoga for Varicocele and Infertiltiy (Poses, Breathing Techniques, Locks, Gestures, and Meditation)

Best Yoga Asanas (Poses) for Varicocele Bridge Pose (Setu Sarvangasana) Bridge Pose is a supine yoga pose that primarily targets the hips and torso. It is also an inversion pose.Pose Benefits:Improves testicular blood circulationHelps allevaite hip flexor tightness and impingementHelps improve postureIs good for bowel and digestive health Legs Up…
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