Cellphone Use

Cellphone use has some risks associated with varicocele and infertility.  Everyone uses cellphones, but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Many scientific publications say that it likely has moderate negative effects on fertility and varicocele.Note that the overall impact is moderate. Two factors to consider:RadiationHeatGenerally, management related, a few things come to…

Tiny New Behavior

Plant tiny seeds of new behaviors to begin naturally and automatically to change how you behave. We are a product of what we do on a daily basis, yet most of us don’t give enough time to figure out how to change our behavior. So start now to plant new…

Car Seat Cooling Cushion

A car seat cooler is essential if you spend a significant number of hours per day driving. It helps cool the body and pelvis. Start Now Purchase a car seat cooling cushion.Use it whenever driving or whenever your pelvis feels over-heated. Caution Do not over-cool your testicles. Prolonged icing can cause…

Lifestyle Changes – Healthy Masturbation

Healthy Masturbation (Dos) + Lay down while masturbating+ Lay down 10-20 minutes after masturbating+ Sleep after masturbating/masturbate at night before sleep+ Allow adequate post-masturbation cooling+ Have some days/periods without masturbation+ Play with & stimulate your testicles+ For optimal fertility, ejaculate once every 2-3 days+ Avoid physically rubbing or tugging your…

Lifestyle Changes – Stop Cigarettes, Alcohol & Coffee

CigarettesOver and over again, studies show that cigarette smoking reduces sperm count, density, and motility, and leads to higher abnormalities in sperm shape and function. It also relates to higher rates of hormonal issues and erectile dysfunction.Relative to varicocele, cigarette smoking may increase varicocele pain, is known to have a…

Sitting Management

Beware the Cushiony Chair Cushiony chairs trap heat and have been shown elevate scrotal temperature by 3-4°C/5-7°F! Saddle chairs are more ideal but less comfortable. Try to avoid cushiony chairs when you can, whether at home, in the car, or at work. However, if you do sit on cushiony chairs,…

Fitness & Exercises – Develop Muscle Balance & Posture

Poor muscle balance and posture (e.g. forward head posture, anterior pelvic tilt, posterior pelvic tilt, asymmetric postures, etc.) are major contributing factors to varicocele development and severity. They are discussed in further detail later in this chapter. Salutation Pose: The salutation pose is a great pose for strengthening the entire…
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