Cold & Hot Therapy

Testicular Icing

Testicular icing treatment is a form of cold therapy like cold shower and cryotherapy. It is easy to perform and easily accessible for almost anyone.  Start Now Insert ice cubes or crushed ice in a plastic pack.Wrap the ice pack in a cloth or towel to reduce the cooling rate.Apply…

Stud Briefs

Stud Briefs testicular health underwear designed by male fertility specialists. It provides optimal testicular cooling and scrotal support. Start Now Order Stud Briefs online: wear Stud Briefs to attain benefits.Wear Stud Briefs when physically active (gym, biking, walking, running, yoga, weight lifting, sports, etc.), when sitting (for work, during commute,…

Cold Shower

A cold shower treatment is a form of cold water therapy. It is relatively easy to perform when done right. Start Now Start with a hot or warm shower until your body warms up.Now, gradually begin lowering the temperature of the water, until the desired coldness is reached.Take your time.…

Cooling & Pain Relief – Pain & Heat Stress

What Causes Varicocele PainWhy does varicocele cause pain? The simple answer is blood pooling, heat damage, and stress. So, if you reduce blood pooling, cool your testicles, and alleviate the stressors, you should be able to relieve your pain quickly. However, this chapter is further simplified, stating that pain relief…
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