Sexual Health

Physiology – Sexual Health

Sexual Health – Prostate Health

The prostate gland is located deep of the perineum and is responsible for producing prostatic fluid, which is the part of the ejaculate that helps semen motility. Good prostate health is critical for fertility.Not So Regular Ejaculations: According to science ejaculating once every two to three days is ideal for fertility,…

Varaco Virility

Varaco Virility is a dietary supplement that is formulated with natural herbs and ingredients to support fertility, virility, and testicular health. Start Now Purchase Varaco Virility online.Follow the label guidelines and instructions. Caution Do not exceed recommended dose.If you have a known medical condition, ask your doctor first before taking the supplementConsult…

Healing – Venous Tone

Veins have muscular and supportive tissue that surround them and aid in contraction, dilation, and venous emptying. Improving the muscle and tissue tone of the veins is therefore critical for healing, reducing the diameter of the blood vessels, and making them more resilient to pressure. Cooling for Venous Tone Cooling…

Fertility & Sexual Health – Improve Testicular Health

Testicle MassageTesticle Massage is a great treatment for increasing blood flow to your testicles to stimulating their growth, improve fertility, and boost testosterone. This treatment may aggravate your condition if your varicocele is inflamed or you have testicular pain However, when practiced properly, it is great for improving fertility, returning…
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