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Professionalized treatment

Treatment essentials

  • Medical Screening (ET)
    • Recommend that they do a ultrasound, semen analysis, and urine analysis prior to starting their treatment…
    • ALSO recommend that they do it AFTER
  • Upload Your Scans and Reports (ET)
    • Report your results daily/weekly
  • How to Use This Course (FREE)
  • Tips for Getting Better Results (FREE)
  • Write a Review! (FREE)
    • And get free Stud Briefs
  • Share what worked for you. (FREE)

Root-Cause Treatments

A good treatment program starts with assessment. We first need to identify what’s wrong. Then we can start treatment specific to our condition. There are general treatments that usually help, however, for best results, comprehensive assessment is best.
  • Lifestyle Risk Factors
  • Environmental Risk Factors
  • Pathopysiology

Step-by-Step Treatment Plan (CT)

  • Day 0-30
  • Day 31-60
  • Day 61-90
  • Day 91-120
  • Day 121-150
  • Day 151-180
  • Day 180+

Course Categories

  1. If no ED/PE/virilty issues, stop Sex and Masturbation for Day 1-15. Day 16-30, maximum 1X/week. Day 31-60, up to a maximum of 2 times per week.
  2. Stop Exercising from Day 1-30—only Varicocele Therapeutic Exercises. Avoid High Risk Exercises from day 31-60..
  • Cooling Treatment 10-30 minutes, 1-3 times per day
  • Inversion 10-20 minutes
  • Hip Mobilization (any one or all of the following)
    • 1 hour walking per day
    • Varicocele Yoga Video Series—Morning or Night Sequence
    • AND/OR specific stretches
  • Axial Extention 2-4 hours, every day
  • Varaco Health Kit 1 — Day 1-30 of treatment
  • Varaco Health Kit 2 — Day 31-60 of treatment
  • Wear Stud Briefs all day. At night sleep without underwear.
  • Increase your daily intake of Dietary Antioxidants
  • Daily Nap minimum 5 minutes (up to 30 minutes for maximum benefits); laying down mid-day if possible
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