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Access exclusive and cutting edge varicocele treatments. Get a step-by-step daily treatment plan from day 1 to full recovery. Our AI helps build selects the best treatments for you to follow each day, until you recover.

Follow a results-based step-by-step home treatment plan to quickly treat varicocele and infertility.

Our novel artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorythems help select the best treatments for you. Your treatment is built from our growing repositroy of 525+ of the best varicocele and infertility treatments. You get a list of the best treatments to follow each day. Our AI learns what works best for you and improves your treatment recommendations every day, so that you can recover faster.

Varicocele Healing, Ltd. and Daniel Johnson were the first to start looking for a natural treatment alternative for varicocele surgery. We now have over 9 years experience treating varicocele and male infertility. Get acccess to the most cutting-edge tretament content that has never existed before.

Get full access to the VaricoHealth App. Track your treatment results, access your daily personalized treatment plan, and get personalized treatment content access.

The Complete Guide to Natural Healing of Varicocele has been #1 rated on Amazon in the urology category from 2016 to 2023. Get complete access to the ebook, and Healing Guide course materials.

Complete Treamtment: A free paperback copy of the Varicocele Healing Guide is included. 

Essential Treatment: Access course materials through the VaricoHealth App. 

Complete Treatment: Get complete access to all course videos, with ability to browse, search, and select choose which to watch.

Access the best exercise and yoga routines for varicocele and infertility recovery. 

Supplements forumated to help with varicocele and infertility.

Essential Treatment: Exclusive 15% off all varicocele and fertility kits.
Complete Treatment: Exclusive 25% off all varicocele and fertility kits.

  • Varaco Health (Varicocele Kit)
  • Varaco Health II (Varicocele Kit)
  • Varaco Virility (Fertiltiy Support)
  • Varaco Probiotics (Select Probiotics for Varicocele Recovery)

Stud Briefs is varicocele and fertility boosting underwear designed by male fertility experts.

Essential Treatment: Exclusive 15% off Stud Briefs.
Complete Treatment: Exclusive 25% off Stud Briefs.

Get basic support via email. Contact us at [email protected]

Access the private Varicocele Healing support community with more than 1,500 active members.

Live chat with support staff during business hours: Monday to Friday, 10AM to 5PM EST.

Get detailed written answers to your questions, answered by one of our specialists.

Schedule in to talk with a Varicocele Healing Specialist about your treatment and recovery.

Stanard varicocele and infertility risk assessment must be completed by all users.

Complete Treatment: Get a cutting-edge varicocele lifestyle root-cause and risk factors assessment.

Complete Treatment: Get a cutting-edge environmental risk factors lifestyle assessment.

Complete Treatment: Get a cutting-edge pathophysiology root-cause and risk factors assessment.

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