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"Hi, I started your treatment after literally running out of the surgery room. I followed your advice and I got my wife pregnant!!!! Thanks a lot."

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I treat varicocele?

Treat the root-cause of varicocele, improve vein health, and address varicocele toxic blood pooling.

Grade 3 Varicoele Treatment Results:

  • 30 Days: 63% Reduction
  • 60 Days: 81% Reduction
  • 90 Days: 92% Reduction
How do I treat testicular pain?

Address the root-cause of testicular pain, improve testicular health and blood circulation, and perform effective pain relief treatments.

Average Testicular Pain Relief from 6,691 Men:

  • 52% in 30 Days
  • 89% in 60 Days
  • 95% in 90 Days
How do I treat infertility?

Treat the root-cause of infertility, improve testicular health, and follow data driven treatments to increase sperm count, motility, and morphology.

Infertility Treatment, Sperm Count Results:

  • 15 Million Increase in 30 Days
  • 37 Million Increase in 30 Days
  • 45 Million Increase in 90 Days
How do I cancel?

Cancel anytime with one click on your profile page. No cancelation fees.

Treatment Results

10+ years experience treating varicocele & male infertility
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