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*Data collected May-05-2023 (n = 6,591 MEN)​

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617+ Root-causes

Our AI assess you for over 617 contributors to varicocele.

Power of AI

Just follow your daily treatments, and our AI will take care of the rest.

525+ Treatments

Access the best and most cutting edge varicocele treatments.

Big data

We leverage the biggest varicocele treatment database.

A novel treatment approach

Treat the root-cause of the disease with the power of AI and big data.

9+ years experience treating varicocele and male infertility

Over the past 9 years, we’ve helped over 100,000 men across 135+ countries treat varicocele and infertility, at home, without risky surgery.

We’ve helped both minor and the most severe cases. Many of our clients completely recover from varicocele. We also specialize in treating male infertility (including azoospermia). We look forward to connecting with you to see how the Varicocele Healing treatment programs can drive the powerful change you seek. 

– Daniel Johnson (Founder)

Treatment reviews

Jeb Turner
Jeb TurnerAustin, Texas
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Well, Jeb here! Found relief with this treatment program. Lifestyle changes, supportive undies, taking it easy did the trick. Discomfort gone, fertility improved. Give it a shot, y'all.
William Y.
William Y.United Kingdom
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Daniel, Thanks for the email. Your exercises and supplement regiment really worked. It requires discipline and perseverance but it is totally worth it. Healthy body is a blessing. Thank You for dedicating your time and effort for this debilitating issue and helping so many people and silent sufferers. Regards
Khalid J.​
Khalid J.​United Arab Emirates
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Grade 3 and 2 bilateral varicocele, according to my report from May. (left side bigger than the right). 3 months into treatment and the right side is entirely normal after having just had another Doppler (normal echotexture). The left side is still 0.19 mm thick (I believe this to be grade 1?)​
ErnestoSent from my iPhone
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Hi, I started your program after literally running out of the surgery room. I followed your advice and I got my wife pregnant!!!! Thanks a lot,​
DhikruLlah T.
DhikruLlah T.Canada
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Comprehensive, practical and beneficial insight on varicocele healing. One should read again and again to grab all the lessons. I will also like to see an assessment and summary page after every chapter. The assessment page can help to detect the personal root cause of one's varicocele amongst many. Thank you for the good work.
Tony A.
Tony A.United State of America
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Hi Daniel, I'm reading through your book and I think the advice is already helping me in terms of scrotal sag and swelling veins. Thank you,
NJCalifornia, United States
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Firstly, I haven't seen / heard, anything as holistic as your advice was. Brilliant, thank you. I got into BKS Iyengar Yoga after that & not just my varicocele, but my sciatica problems also became a lot better. I still have varicocele but I think it's well under control. Heartfelt thanks. NJ*

Safe home treatments​​

Your program is based on proven-effective physical therapy and exercises, modifications of diet, lifestyle, and environmnet, and treatment of the root-cause of varicocele and infertility.

Surgery is not the best option to treat varicocele, controlling the pathophysiology is the hallmark.

- Russell F. Spetzler (MD)

United States Surgeon with 16 years experience who started our treatment program.

Varicocele natural treatment innitiative

I was diagnosed with a grade 3 left-sided varicocele in my early 20s. When I started, there was no alternative to surgery. But, a safe and natural alternative needed to exist.

It took me years to develop a treatment program for my varicocele. I wrote the Varicocele Healing Guide to share what worked for me with other varicocele sufferers! Now, over the past 9 years, with Varicocele Healing, we have identified over 617 reasons why varicocele develops. We have built the most comprehensive program for varicocele treatment, having helped over 100,000 men. In many cases now, our home treatment program is the best treatment option for varicocele.

– Daniel Johnson (Founder)

Frequently asked questions

Varicocele home treatment is all about treating the root-cause of varicocele, pain, and infertility. It is about improving testicular and vein health. We have now identified over 617 causes for why varicocele develops. Our program helps you identify the exact root-cause of your varicocele, and give you the tools and resources to effectively treat it.

  • Make specific lifestyle changes
  • Improve vein health & restore valve function
  • Treat the Nutcracker Syndrome
  • Correct scrotal sagging
  • Varicocele specific treatments
  • Improve testicular health
  • Healthy scrotal support and compression
  • Treat varicocele toxic blood pooling

We operate online and have customers from all around the world. Our offices are located in Canada and US.

The program is based on a monthly subscription. You can subscribe using Stripe or Credit Card. Start your treatment now.

Cancel anytime with one click on your profile. No cancelation fees.

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