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Follow a Daily Treatment Plan

We wanted to make your recovery as easy as possible.
So, we give you the exact treatments that you need to
follow each and every day, until you recover.
Analysis from cutting
edge research
root-cause assessment
Utilize AI & machine learning
for maximum accuracy

Why varicocele and infertility develop

Get a daily step-by-step program that helps you identify
the exact root-cause of your disease and gives you
the tools and resources to treat it effectively.

Results from Our Users!

Average user results from VaricoHealth app 2022-09-29 (data from 6,265 users.)

An App to Treat Varicocele
& Male Infertility

We made this app so that we could have evidence that home treatments can help treat varicocele and male infertility.

Reduce varicocele size by
0 %
Increase sperm count by
Reduce testicular pain by
0 %

Varico Health App

The Varico Health App uses AI and complex systems to generate
personalized treatments for varicocele and male infertility. Start now!

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