Table Pose

Table pose (bharmansanasa) is a yoga pose that stretches the shoulders, chest, and hip flexors. It also helps strengthens the core, arms, and posterior chain. It has several different English names, including “Tabletop,” “Crab,” and “Half Reverse Plank”. Start Now Begin by sitting on the floor with your legs extended in…

Healing – Increase Healthy Blood Flow

For healing you want less blood pooling, and more healthy blood flow to the testicles, veins, and surrounding tissue. To improve healthy blood flow, you can perform a testicle massage, penis stretch, massaging the inner thighs and perineum area (see Chapter 4: Fertility & Sexual Health) enter the healing state,…

Yoga for Varicocele and Infertiltiy (Poses, Breathing Techniques, Locks, Gestures, and Meditation)

Best Yoga Asanas (Poses) for Varicocele Bridge Pose (Setu Sarvangasana) Bridge Pose is a supine yoga pose that primarily targets the hips and torso. It is also an inversion pose.Pose Benefits:Improves testicular blood circulationHelps allevaite hip flexor tightness and impingementHelps improve postureIs good for bowel and digestive health Legs Up…
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